Ken Neighbors, Ph.D.
Software Development Services 
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Developing solutions to take advantage of the internet's open standards, platform independence, and global accessibility.
Areas of Expertise
  o  online banking 
  o  user authentication 
  o  secure communications 
  o  web application development 
  o  interfacing legacy systems with the web 
  o  security and cryptography 
Services Offered
  o  consulting in areas of expertise 
  o  consulting in tools of expertise 
  o  development using tools of expertise 
  o  free software 
Contact Information
  o  Ken Neighbors, Ph.D. 
  o  ken at nsds dot com 
  o  GPG key 
  o  work phone: four zero eight - six five nine - four five three six 
  o  home phone: four zero eight - two four eight - two two nine zero 
  o  1080 Polk Ln
San Jose, CA 95117-2943
Tools of Expertise
  o  Advanced Perl programming  
  • Apache mod_perl and CGI (web site programming)
  • DBI (access to databases)
  • LWP (access to internet resources)
  • Regular Expressions (text processing, "screen scraping")
  • Object-Oriented (Classes, Modules, References, etc.)
  • Plain Old Documentation (POD)
  • CPAN (library of useful perl modules)
  o  Apache web server  
  • installation (including mod_perl and mod_ssl)
  • configuration (including proxy, virtual host, rewrite, SSL certificates)
  • usage reports using AWStats
  o  Debian GNU / Linux operating system  
  • installation and upgrade via the internet
  • networking setup
  • DNS server: BIND, PowerDNS
  • email server: exim
  • firewall: fwbuilder, a GUI for iptables and others
  • X Window System and Gnome
  o  AxKit, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO, FOP  
  o  OpenSSL (certificate generation, encryption, secure communications)  
  o  OpenSSH (secure "telnet" and "ftp" services)  
  o  Concurrent Versions System (concurrent development, release management)  
  o  Other open-source and free software  
  o  Also experienced with: HTML, JavaScript, Java, C, PostgreSQL, MySQL  

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